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Dear astronomy community,

The AAO is pleased to announce that SAMI will be available for general use at the AAT from semester 2016A.

SAMI is the Sydney-AAO Multi-object Integral-field unit (IFU) for the AAOmega spectrograph. SAMI provides 13 IFUs, each with a field of view of 15 arcseconds sampled with 61 1.6-arcsecond fibres. These IFUs can be deployed over a 1-degree field of view. Fibres feed light from SAMI to the AAOmega spectrograph.

For details of the current call for proposals for the AAT, see 

Information about the SAMI instrument can be found here:

Any enquiries or questions about applying for time on SAMI can be directed to julia.bryant at aao.gov.au.


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