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Tue Jul 28 16:43:38 AEST 2015

Dear colleagues,

The SkyMapper team is pleased to announce the first Test Data Release (TDR) of the Southern Sky Survey, available at http://skymapper.anu.edu.au

The Test Data Release is a preview of the Survey data, designed to show their characteristics, while also testing data access methods for images and catalogues. The TDR is intended only for testing purposes, and we request that science publications await the first science-grade data release of the Survey later this year. The community is invited to scrutinise the data and access interface, and provide any feedback that could improve the forthcoming DR1.

The TDR covers approx. 60 square degrees in the area of Field 6 of the Kepler 2 Mission, near RA=13h 40m and Dec=-15 deg. The TDR includes multiple visits in six filters (uvgriz). Median seeing is 2.8 arcsec, and 10-sigma depth ranges from AB~17 in u to AB~17.7 in g. First releases of the deeper Main Survey data are anticipated for 2016.

Images and catalogues can be accessed via the tools on the SkyMapper website (http://skymapper.anu.edu.au), which are being developed as part of the Australian All-Sky Virtual Observatory. The TAP (Table Access Protocol), SIAP (Simple Image Access Protocol), and Cone Search services can also be accessed through Virtual Observatory-aware software tools like TOPCAT and Aladin. Your comments on the functionality and stability of these services are especially welcome.

Southern Sky Survey data enjoy Australian-only priority access for the first year following any release, after which they will be made available worldwide.

Please address all feedback, suggestions and bug reports in the first instance to skymapper at anu.edu.au<mailto:skymapper at anu.edu.au>

A page with known issues will be continuously updated at the URL above.

The SkyMapper Team
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