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Science & Technology Australia - July Newsletter

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Dr Kathryn Hassell

*Name and title?*
Dr Kathryn Hassell
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Centre for Aquatic Pollution Identification and Management, University 
of Melbourne

Ecotoxicology and Fish Physiology

*What lured you into science in the first place?*
Ever since I can remember I’ve been fascinated by nature and the 
environment around me.

*What keeps you there?*
I love having a job that incorporates both lab and field work, and 
especially one where I get to work on a variety of different projects, 
with different people. There’s never a dull moment, and it certainly 
never gets boring!

*What makes science different from other careers?*
I think there are all kinds of wonderful opportunities that can arise 
through a career in science. There are the obvious ones in terms of 
scientific discovery and academic achievements, but also the broader and 
more applied ones like seeing management changes in direct response to 
your research, or engaging with kids and getting them excited about 
science and the natural environment. Science is also relevant to 
everyone, so it’s not just scientists that have an interest in it.

*What would you tell a 10-year old about a career in science?*
If you want a job that is exciting, mentally stimulating and very 
rewarding, and you are willing to work hard and be adaptable, then 
science is for you.

*Have you got a favourite career moment?*
I tend to sit back and reflect on my career when I've travelled to some 
new place for work. It’s those moments that are my favourites, as they 
have only come about because of the career path I have been lucky enough 
to have taken.



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Dear STA members and friends,

We are very pleased to welcome a clutch of new member groups in recent 
months from an impressive range of science organisations across the 
nation. New members include: AARNet, Bioplatforms Australia, the ARC 
Centre for Excellence for Nanoscale BioPhotonics (CNBP) and the National 
Youth Science Forum. We look forward to working with our new and 
existing members to advance the role, reputation and impact of science 
and technology in Australia.

Science has been attracting more policy attention in the Federal arena 
in recent months, with a number of reports and announcements. Of 
particular note are Government consultations on their formal response to 
the Chief Scientist's STEM strategy with the expectation that some 
concrete result may be seen before year’s end.Submissions have been 
and STA urges members groups to have their say.

The Opposition has also made some usefulpolicy pledges 
including a jump to 3% of GDP invested in R&D by 2020, more STEM 
teachers, HECS-free STEM graduates, and coding to be taught in all 
schools. None of the current policy plans or promises yet amount to the 
consistent, long term strategy for investing in STEM that STA has been 
calling for, but is terrific to see STEM policy become a more contested 
space in national politics.

*Catriona Jackson*
Chief Executive Officer

    *Science meets Business*

STA is thrilled to be adding to our stable of events - with the 
inaugural Science meets Business (SmB) later this year. Building on the 
success of Science meets Parliament (SmP), the aim is to kick start a 
refreshed conversation about STEM/Industry collaboration, identifying 
examples of good and bad practice, and avenues for change, as well as 
brokering better mutual understanding between science and business. This 
shake-up is essential if we are to make the most of our natural science 
and business talent, and encourage better collaboration across cultures. 
SmB is an invitation-only event, and further details for STA members 
will be available soon. This intimate, high-calibre one-day event will 
feature industry, science and parliamentary decision-makers at the 
highest levels.

    *STA turns 30*

Birthday celebrations are on the horizon for STA this year, with a 
dinner to celebrate our past, and looking to the future, in the planning 
for later this year. Invitations will arrive with member groups in 
coming months for this November occasion.

    *Membership renewal*

Membership renewal invoices will be sent out in coming weeks. If you are 
not an STA member pleasethink about joining 
<http://scienceandtechnologyaustralia.us9.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=ed2baff1a44edef5b0e88a871&id=942ac615cd&e=d413cd52e4> ormaking 
a donation 
we can continue our important work.

    *Keeping in touch*

This newsletter is just one of the ways that STA communicates. Emails 
sent direct to member organisations are another, but increasingly, 
breaking news, comment and a wide array of information on scholarships, 
awards and conferences are issued via our social media platforms, such 
as ourTwitter 
We also film many of our events and you can watch the footage on 
ourYouTube channel 






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