[ASA] 2nd Announcement: .Astronomy 7 in Sydney - sign up by FRIDAY

Amanda Bauer amanda.bauer at aao.gov.au
Mon Jun 22 09:49:54 AEST 2015

The first ever .Astronomy in the Southern Hemisphere will take place November 3-6th, 2015 in Sydney.

I'd like to encourage *everyone* with any interest or curiosity in the event to fill out the interest form!  Signing up does not obligate you, but gives us the opportunity to select a good mix of participants using your information and feedback.  We *want* a mixture of levels of experience, expertise, range of skill sets and backgrounds.  So please don't worry that you are "not qualified." Let me assure you that there is no such thing at this stage.  Everyone has something to contribute to and gain from .Astronomy! 

The sign up form is available here until THIS FRIDAY 26th JUNE 2015: http://tinyurl.com/dotastro7

More information: http://dotastronomy.com/seven/ 

The event will include a series of talks, multiple open unconference sessions, a full day hacking on unique, innovative projects, and for the first time, we will offer an optional .Astronomy Day 0 - an opportunity for people to hear about previous Hack Day projects and the tools most frequently used to make them.  Potential topics for the Day 0 training day (depending on your sign up forms!) will include HTML & CSS, Javascript and D3js data visualisation, version control with Git, simple cloud hosting, CartoDB and LeafletJS, IPython Notebooks, SQL essentials, etc.

You never know if you don't try - so sign up! 


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