[ASA] Reminder - Proposal to change ASA Women in Astronomy Chapter remit

Sarah Brough sarah.brough at aao.gov.au
Thu Jun 11 11:12:32 AEST 2015

Dear All,

If you haven't had a chance to complete the survey polling ASA members 
on our proposal to change the ASA Women in Astronomy Chapter remit 
(https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/B33QPJ6) then please be reminded that it 
will close this weekend Sunday June 14th,

Many regards,

Sarah Brough

Dear All,

The ASA Women in Astronomy Chapter has made significant headway in 
representing the women in the Australian community.However, all 
marginalised people face -isms and -phobias that function as barriers to 
their participation and prevent their inclusion in our community.Megan 
Clark (former CEO of CSIRO) has pointed out that if a minority group 
make up less than 10% of a community they lack the criticalmass 
necessary to stand up and make demands for themselves.

We would like to propose the broadening of the Chapter’s remit to 
include other minority groups that we do not currently represent 
explicitly.With this would come a name change to “Equity in Astronomy” 
(EiA).We intend for gender diversity to remain the main target of the 
Chapter’s efforts as this is an ongoing, unresolved issue. The Pleiades 
Awards will remain focussed on efforts to increase gender diversity. 
However, we also intend to stand up for those members of our community 
who lack representation.

The proposed Chapter aims are given below (the current aims are 
available at http://asawomeninastronomy.org/about/aims/).

We are now polling the whole ASA Membership on this proposal with an 
electronic survey (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/B33QPJ6) to be 
completed by Friday 12^th June.This poll is completely anonymous and we 
strongly encourage everyone to provide their input.There will then be a 
discussion on this proposal at the Women in Astronomy Chapter lunch 
meeting at the ASA ASM.

Following the electronic poll and the face-to-face discussion, the Women 
in Astronomy Chapter Steering Committee will provide a recommendation to 
the ASA Council.The ASA Council will then decide whether and how to 
proceed in any changes to the Chapter.

If you have any questions about the survey or the process please feel 
free to email any Steering Committee member.

Many Regards

Sarah Brough (AAO & Chair)
Jessica Bloom (Sydney)
Alan Duffy (Swinburne)
Andrew Hopkins (AAO & ASA Council representative)
Katherine Mack (U. Melbourne)
Celine d’Orgeville (ANU)
Sarah Pearce (CSIRO)
Jill Rathborne (CSIRO)
Andrew Walsh (Curtin)

*_Proposed Equity in Astronomy Chapter Aims:_*

-The Chapter will represent women and minority groups working in 
astronomy in Australia and undertake to establish best practice 
guidelines around supporting the inclusion of these groups in our community.

-The Chapter will monitor the status of women and minorities working in 
astronomy in Australia and recommend future actions that will improve 
the environment for all astronomers.

-To improve the status of women in astronomy, the Chapter will assist to 
ensure appropriate representation for women within the Australian 
astronomy community, both at scientific meetings and on high-level 
decision making committees.

-The Chapter will enable networking via annual Equity in Astronomy 
sessions at ASA Annual Science Meetings and annual workshops held around 
the country.


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