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Subject: 	STA statement on STEM focus in Opposition Budget-in-Reply speech
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Dear Colleagues,

you may have head the news regarding a number of Science and Technology 
policy initiatives advanced as part of the Opposition’s Budget-in-Reply 

I have attached for your information the STA media statement, as well as 
link to the facts sheets on the policy plans themselves should you wish 
to read further. http://www.futuresmartaustralia.org

I have been informed that this is the start of a serious policy 
development process which will involve significant consultation with the 

It is unusually early in the electoral cycle for such plans to be 
released, and a very pleasing development that I think the scientific 
community can feel proud of.

As always feedback invited.


Catriona Jackson.


"It is heartening to see a strong focus on Science, Technology, 
Engineering and Maths (STEM) as the drivers of a smart, modern 
Australian in Opposition Leader Bill Shorten's budget-in-reply speech. 
It is also good to see some concrete policy proposals advanced to 
support the rhetoric," according to STA CEO Catriona Jackson.

"STA members will be pleased to see the emphasis on encouraging more and 
better STEM education and graduates as well as initiatives to support 
the translation of smart ideas into products and productivity.

"Something serious needs to be done to get more STEM graduates flowing 
through the system to take up the jobs of the future. Our economy is 
changing, 75 per cent of the fastest growing jobs require STEM skills, 
and we must increase the supply or be left behind.

The Opposition’s proposed initiatives include:

  * 3 per cent of GDP committed to research and development by 2030
  * 25,000 new STEM teachers
  * Extra STEM training for existing teachers to fill skills gaps
  * 100,000 STEM graduates to have their HECS-debts wiped out
  * $500 million smart investment scheme, to support start-ups
  * Computer coding, 'the language of the modern era', to be taught in
    all schools

“This looks like the start of science and innovation policy from the 
opposition and we look forward to seeing more. Science and technology is 
too important to attract anything less than full-blooded bi-partisan 
support,” Ms Jackson said

STA is the peak group for the nation's 68,000 scientists and those 
working in technology. STA's mission is to bring together scientists, 
governments, industry and the broader community to advance the role, 
reputation and impact of science and technology in Australia.


Catriona Jackson
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