[ASA] Astronomical Societies send letter to ESA

Andrew Hopkins andrew.hopkins at aao.gov.au
Thu Nov 20 12:43:14 AEDT 2014

Dear ASA Members,

Following the ASA's public statement of support for members speaking
up for a gender inclusive community earlier this week, I am pleased to say
that today the Presidents of the American Astronomical Society, the
Canadian Astronomical Society, the Royal Astronomical Society
and the Astronomical Society of Australia jointly signed and sent a
letter to Dr Alvaro Giménez, Director of Science and Robotic Exploration
at the European Space Agency.

This letter presents the common views of our four Societies around
the incident being referred to on Twitter as #shirtstorm or #shirtgate,
and encourages ESA to strongly promote gender inclusive policies and
practices to more broadly and effectively raise awareness of these issues.

Andrew Hopkins
President, ASA

A.Prof. Andrew Hopkins, Head of Research and Outreach
Australian Astronomical Observatory
P.O. Box 915, North Ryde, NSW 1670, Australia
ph: +61 2 9372 4849  fax: +61 2 9372 4880

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