[ASA] Clarification of job advertisements at ICRAR - Curtin University

Steven Tingay s.tingay at curtin.edu.au
Sat Nov 1 02:06:49 AEDT 2014

Dear ASA members,

A couple of days ago a set of five new job advertisements for the
International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR), Curtin
University node, was distributed to this exploder.  Upon review, this
announcement may have caused some confusion, interpreted as positions
primarily affiliated with the Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy (CIRA).

These five new positions are primarily affiliated with ICRAR, the WA State
Government funded collaborative Joint Venture between Curtin University and
The University of Western Australia that has been extended to run for the
next five years, with upwards of $50m of investment from the State and the
two Joint Venture partners.  ICRAR is focused on advancing the science and
engineering for the SKA, playing key roles in federally funded SKA
pre-construction work packages.

To clarify, CIRA is the business unit at Curtin University into which the
advertised appointments will be made, the host business unit for Curtin's
approximate half of the ICRAR Joint Venture.  However, the primary
affiliation for these positions is with ICRAR, coupled to ICRAR project
plans, and coupled to science projects that span The University of Western
Australia and Curtin University.

I hope that this clarification clears up any possible confusion.  For those
interested in applying for the five new positions, spanning a range of
exciting MWA science and accretion physics, all information regarding the
positions themselves remains unchanged.

For details and enquiries regarding the positions, please contact Prof.
Carole Jackson, Dr James Miller-Jones, and Dr Nick Seymour, as noted in the
original email.

Steven Tingay

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