[ASA] REMINDER: ANITA lecture: A New Window on Inflation, David Parkinson -- Wed 1pm (AEST) 11th June

Darren Croton dcroton at astro.swin.edu.au
Tue Jun 10 15:39:39 AEST 2014

Dear ANITA and ASA members.

A quick reminder for our upcoming ANITA lecture, tomorrow (11th June) at 1pm (AEST): "A New Window on Inflation: Cosmological Perturbations and Gravitational Waves", by David Parkinson from the University of Queensland.

Click the following link to be taken to the ANITA Google+ page: http://goo.gl/2kBCG1

Slides are available for download in advance here: http://goo.gl/ePAoRD. More details can be found at at: http://anita.edu.au/lectures/.

This lecture will be of particular interest to those who wish to better understand the recent BICEP2 results.

All are welcome to join!

Thanks, and see you there!
Darren Croton & Chris Power

The lecture will be held through Google Hangouts on Air.
You'll first need a Google account (e.g. gmail). Log in to it.
If you've never done a Google Hangout before you'll need to install a plugin for your browser. See https://www.google.com/tools/dlpage/hangoutplugin
On Google+ search for "Anita Chapter" and head to our page.
Alternatively, go directly to our Chapter page here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/104967001091880466806/posts
You'll see a post for the Hangout on Air at around 12pm - hit play and enjoy!
Some hints for a better experience:
You can breakout the small video window on the Google+ page by opening it in YouTube. This gives you a much bigger view.
Post any comments/questions under the video in the comments box on the Google+ or YouTube page. We'll try and answer them in real-time.
I don't believe that comments are updated automatically; you may need to reload the page to see the latest.
All lectures will be hosted on our ANITA YouTube page for later viewing.

Darren Croton
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Centre for Astrophysics & Supercomputing
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