[ASA] Mopra telescope status

Gavin Rowell growell at physics.adelaide.edu.au
Thu May 29 17:53:49 AEST 2014

By now most of you may have heard about the proposed budget cuts
and their effect on CASS's astronomy operations. In particular, the
CSIRO plan to cease expenditure on the Mopra telescope.

Operations on Mopra are currently funded for three years
(to the end of 2015) via an external consortium comprising the
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, the University of New South
Wales, and the University of Adelaide.

The recent budget cuts however, have necessitated revisiting Mopra's
viability. As a result, we are now in discussion with CASS
in order to pursue future funding models, and hence secure the
medium to long-term viability of Mopra.

Mopra is an instrument in its prime and scientifically productive. It
provides important complementary radio observations to many other
national and international facilities. It is hoped that these
discussions will lead to new arrangements to avoid Mopra's loss
to the Australian and international astronomical communities.

Michael Burton (UNSW), Gavin Rowell (U.Adelaide)

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