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Andrew Sheinis asheinis at aao.gov.au
Fri Apr 11 11:16:35 AEST 2014

Hi All,

The AAO is extremely pleased to announce that it will build the Gemini High Resolution SpecTrograph (GHOST) in partnership with subcontractors, ANU and NRC-Herzberg (Canada). The GHOST instrument's post-conceptual-design contract has now been signed and work has begun on the Preliminary Design Phase.  As posted on the Gemini website and social media: "A key milestone for the Gemini High-resolution Optical Spectrograph (GHOS) is now complete with final approval of the post-conceptual-design contracts by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Gemini Board, and the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA). The instrument, which will provide Gemini users with the power of high-resolution optical spectroscopy, will now proceed with a team kick-off meeting comprised of representatives from Gemini, the Australian Astronomical Observatory, National Research Council of Canada-Herzberg, and Australian National University. The project should take about four years to complete."

The GHOST will be a facility-class spectrograph providing resolutions of 50,000 and 75,000 over the  363 nm to 1000 nm wavelength range.  It will incorporate the ability to observe up to 2 objects simultaneously. Furthermore,  with an onboard Thorium-Argon wavelength reference fiber and a built-in atmospheric dispersion compensator it will provide extremely stable spectra for a wide variety of science programs.

AAO looks forward to being on sky with this new instrument in the next 4 years.


-Andy Sheinis
Assoc. Prof. Andrew Sheinis,
Head of Instrumentation, 
Australian Astronomical Observatory
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