[ASA] WG 3.2 Canberra Town Hall Meeting Tomorrow, Tuesday 18 March

Brad E. Tucker brad at mso.anu.edu.au
Mon Mar 17 14:43:17 AEDT 2014

We will be having our next Town Hall meeting for WG 3.2 - Education, Outreach and Careers, tomorrow, Tuesday 18 March, from 2-4pm at Mt. Stromlo Observatory, ANU.

For this Town Hall Meeting, we'll focus on how we can engage each audience and what is needed to be successful.  
- Are more programs needed to engage a specific audience?
- Since our available time is limited, what programs should we focus on and what provide the most benefit?
- How can we increase our support of existing programs?  
- How do we obtain funding for key activities?  
- How do we advertise these programs?

- Primary School Groups - What outreach and education activities should we be engaging in?  
 	- School visits / talks
	- Star gazing
	- Educational materials

- High School / Secondary Groups - How do we keep students engaged in Astronomy and encourage them for University study and  Astronomy careers?
	- Work Experience
	- After school / extension programs 
	- Supporting the Australian curriculum

- University and Graduate Students - What do we need to provide for both scientific and practical knowledge?
	- Summer programs and research opportunities
	- PhD and job applications support
	- Careers outside of academia 

- General Public - How do we increase an awareness and support of Astronomy?
	- Public events (star-gazing, lectures, Open Day's)
	- Engaging the public in astronomy research (e.g. Radio Galaxy Zoo)
	- Politicians (e.g. Science meets Parliament)
	- Social / online media
	- A National Astronomy Week (akin to National Science Week?)

Please let me know if you'll be attending in person.  For those connecting via phone/video conferencing facilities, details are available.  The facilities will be available starting at 1:30 pm so you can test / set-up the connection beforehand.

To join by video:
via IP dial
via SIP dial 61262112667 at aarnet.edu.au
via ISDN dial +61262112667
Conference Selection:
To select and enter your conference use your far end camera button and enter the conference ID of: 2667 followed by a hash #
To join by phone:
dial +61262112667 (International Format) or:
For dialing within Australia subtract the +61 and add a 0 ie (02) 6211xxxx

If you'd like to stream from your laptop, please visit http://video.aarnet.edu.au.  Please note viewing the live steam will only allow you to see the meeting (i.e. not participate).  The meeting will be recorded and also available via the link above.
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