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Subject: Fresh Science/FameLab seeks passionate young researchers; stem cell 
prizes; L'Oréal


    Please encourage your best early career researchers to nominate for Fresh
    Science/FameLab. We'll train them, profile them, put them in front of the
    media and highlight them to local MPs.

    We have places for 60 scientists in our state finals in Perth, Adelaide,
    Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney and we're taking nominations until Monday.
    The best from each state will receive more intense training and the
    overall winner will fly to the global final in the UK. It's a free program
    thanks to our partners.

    We're looking for passionate young researchers with a peer-reviewed
    discovery/invention who are willing to talk about it. The nomination
    process is easy.

    I've provided more details below together with information on other
    science prizes including two $50,000 stem cell prizes and the L'Oréal
    Fellowships opening on Monday.

    In this bulletin:

      * WANTED passionate young researchers: FameLab deadline extended <#Fame>
      * Two $50,000 prizes for up-and-coming leaders in stem cell research
      * Opening soon: L'Oréal fellowships and PMs Science Prizes <#Loreal>

    Kind regards,

    Niall Byrne
    Science in Public

    FameWANTED passionate young researchers: FameLab deadline extended

    *Nominations for FameLab Australia have been extended until midday, Monday
    3 March 2014. Apply online at www.famelab.org.au

    We're looking for early career researchers with a peer-reviewed discovery
    and willing to talk about it.

    FameLab Australia builds on Fresh Science. We train, profile and present
    the Freshies to the media and the public. With FameLab we add performance
    and a global program.

    Get your science on stage and get your 3 minutes of fame.

    Nominate online, send us a 3 minute video and you could find yourself
    presenting your science on stage to a public audience and a panel of
    judges with a chance to win a trip to the UK.

    Videos from smartphone are fine. We're looking for passion not AV expertise.

    State heats in March and April. If selected, you will get a day of media
    training and then be star of the show in an evening public event.

    The National Final is in Perth in May. The top 10 from across Australia
    will jet to Perth for more intense communication training including a day
    and a half with the Cheltenham Science Festival crew. Then it's back on
    stage to compete for one spot at the International Grand Final,
    representing Australia at the Cheltenham Science Festival in the UK in
    early June.

      * *Deadline extended to midday Monday 3 March 2014. *
      * *Apply online: www.famelab.org.au

    FameLab is an international communication competition for scientists,
    including engineers and mathematicians. Designed to inspire and motivate
    young researchers to actively engage with the public and with potential
    stakeholders, FameLab is all about finding the best new voices of science
    and engineering across the world.

    Founded in 2005 by The Times Cheltenham Science Festival, FameLab, working
    in partnership with the British Council, has already seen more than 5,000
    young scientists and engineers participate in over 23 different countries
    - from Hong Kong to South Africa, USA to Egypt.

    Now, FameLab comes to Australia in a landmark collaboration with Fresh
    Science, Australia's very own communicating science competition.

    Fresh Science has been instrumental in helping early-career researchers
    share their stories of discovery for the past 16 years.

    In 2014, FameLab and Fresh Science will join forces, offering specialist
    science media training and, ultimately, the chance to pitch your research
    project at the FameLab International Grand Final in the UK at The Times
    Cheltenham Science Festival from 3 to 8 June 2014.

    Our national partners include Inspiring Australia, the West Australian
    Museum, the British High Commission, and New Scientist. More at

    stemcellsTwo $50,000 prizes for up-and-coming leaders in stem cell research

    *Applications are now open for the inaugural Metcalf Prizes for Stem Cell
    Research, from the National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia.*

    Two up-and-coming leaders in stem cell science will be awarded $50,000
    each to boost their career to the next level, with the support of stem
    cell pioneer Professor Don Metcalf as a personal mentor.

    The Metcalf Prizes are open to mid-career researchers, 5 to 10 years past
    their PhD or MD, working in stem cell research in Australia.

    The winners will be chosen for their scientific excellence, proven
    leadership ability and the potential to have a continuing influence on
    stem cell research in Australia.

    The prizes are named in honour of pioneering Australian stem cell
    scientist Professor Don Metcalf, who first identified colony stimulating
    factors, the molecules that tell stem cells to multiply and mature to
    boost the immune system.

    Over a 50-year career, Don's work has helped transform cancer treatment
    and transplant medicine, and paved the way for stem cells to treat
    conditions from stroke to blood diseases.

    In addition to the prize money, the two recipients - one male and one
    female - will have the support of Professor Metcalf as a mentor.

    The Metcalf Prizes support the National Stem Cell Foundation of
    Australia's mission to promote the study and use of stem cells in the
    prevention or control of disease in human beings and to enhance stem cell
    public education.

    How to apply

      * Applications are now open, and close Friday 28 March 2014
      * To apply online, and for a full list of criteria and conditions, head
        to the Foundation's website

    LorealOpening soon: L'Oréal fellowships and PMs Science Prizes


    *L'Oréal For Women in Science Fellowships.* Three $25,000, one-year
    fellowships for early-career women scientists. Applications open Monday 3
    March 2014.

    More information: www.scienceinpublic.com.au/loreal

    *Prime Minister's Prizes for Science.* Each year the Australian Government
    rewards and celebrates the nation's best scientists and science teachers
    through the Prime Minister's Prizes for Science. Nominations are opening soon.

    More information: www.industry.gov.au/scienceprizes

    scienceinpublicScience in Public - planning, mentoring, communicating

    *Communication audits, mentoring and training:*

    We can review your stakeholders, messages and tools and help you and your
    communication team refine your plans for 2014. We offer this service for
    individual announcements or for a whole program or institute

    *Media releases, launches, and campaigns:*

    We can help you develop an outreach program, from a simple media release
    through to a launch, a summit, a conference, or a film.

    *Publications and copy-writing:*

    From a tweet to a newsletter; from a brochure to a /Nature/ supplement, we
    can write compelling and accurate science-driven copy which captures the
    essence of your story and purpose.


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