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The biannual newsletter of the Australian Astronomical Observatory, the 
AAO Observer, is now available.  The February 2014 issue describes two 
new instruments successfully commissioned on the 4-metre 
Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT), an exoplanet in a polar orbit, 100 
observing nights dedicated to OzDES spectroscopic follow up of the Dark 
Energy Survey, and much more, all since the bush fires swept through 
Siding Spring Observatory just over a year ago! The new AAT instruments 
are HERMES, a high-resolution multi-element spectrograph, and KOALA, a 
1000 element integral field unit spectrograph.

The link to the pdf version of the AAO Observer is here: 

Science Highlights
- OzDES and the Dark Energy Survey
- HERMES Commissioning - as it happened
- CYCLOPS2 Catches an Exoplanet in a Polar Orbit
- KOALA: a new 1000 element integral field unit for the AAT
- Resolving the role of environment in galaxy evolution with SPIRAL

Observatory News
- A New Chapter for the Australian Gemini Astronomy Contest
- StarFest in the Warrumbungles
- AusGO Corner
- Seventy-Five Years of Schmidtery
- News from North Ryde
- Letter from Coona

Thank you for your support,

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