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Andrew Hopkins andrew.hopkins at aao.gov.au
Mon Feb 17 13:58:23 AEDT 2014

The Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) is pleased to be able
to offer both Honours Scholarships and PhD Scholarships in 2014.
Full details are available here:

Honours/Masters Scholarships:
The AAO offers a $5000 scholarship for Honours or Masters students enrolled
at any Australian university, for a research project substantially
co-supervised with an AAO staff-member. The deadline for applications is

1 March 2014

Details, including the application forms and application process, are
available here:

In addition, we also support jointly-funded scholarships with
Macquarie University and with Monash University.
Students wishing to apply for these scholarships should use the relevant
application form from the host university, and follow the instructions on
their web pages.

Any questions about the AAO Honours/Masters Scholarships or the application
process can be directed to the Head of AAT Science at the AAO, Andrew Hopkins
(ahopkins at aao.gov.au).

PhD Scholarships:
The AAO is offering up to two AAO PhD Scholarships, and up to two
Trevor Burgess PhD Scholarships to students at Australian universities.

All scholarships are for a period of 3 years, with a possible extension
for a further 6 months. The value of the scholarships will be
$5000 per annum. Annual renewal is conditional upon satisfactory
performance by the student.

The scholarships are open to any student accepted for a PhD programme at any
Australian university who are substantially co-supervised by an AAO staff
member. The Trevor Burgess PhD Scholarships are only open to Australian

The scholarships can support students with backgrounds in astronomy,
physics, engineering or mathematics with thesis research programs in astronomy
or astronomical instrumentation (and related fields).

For further details, including the application forms and procedure, please
see the website:


The deadline for PhD scholarship applications is:

15 March 2014

Please consider whether your incoming students this year, and their planned
projects, would benefit from an association with the AAO, and discuss the
possibility of co-supervision with an AAO staff member. The research
interests of AAO staff and some potential projects that could be discussed
are available at:


Any questions about the AAO PhD Scholarship Scheme can be addressed to
the Head of AAT Science, Andrew Hopkins, atahopkins at aao.gov.au.

Andrew Hopkins

A.Prof. Andrew Hopkins, Head of AAT Science
Australian Astronomical Observatory
P.O. Box 915, North Ryde, NSW 1670, Australia
ph: +61 2 9372 4849  fax: +61 2 9372 4880

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