[ASA] RadioAstron proposal deadline

Maxim Voronkov Maxim.Voronkov at csiro.au
Thu Jan 16 12:08:46 AEDT 2014

Dear colleagues,

I'd like to draw your attention to the forecoming proposal deadline for the 
observing time with the RadioAstron satellite. Below is the information 
I've received.



RadioAstron Announcement of Opportunity - 2

The space VLBI Mission RadioAstron, led by the Astro Space Center (ASC)
of Lebedev Physical Institute, provides a range of specific and unique
capabilities for detecting and imaging sources of cosmic radio emission
at the highest angular resolution. The optimal utilization of these
capabilities relies on the construction and execution of a balanced
scientific program for the Mission. The scientific program of
RadioAstron consists of three major parts: the Early Science Program
(ESP), Key Science Program (KSP), and General Observing Time (GOT)
projects. The Early Science Program, which finished in June 2013,
explored the main scientific capabilities of RadioAstron observations
and paved the way for the subsequent KSP and GOT programs.

RadioAstron KSP observations commenced in July 2013. The KSP is aimed
specifically at focusing on the areas of strongest scientific impact of
RadioAstron and ensuring a long-lasting scientific impact for the
Mission. KSP observations within the AO-1 period are being carried out
between July 2013 and June 2014, inclusive.

Starting from the AO-2, proposals are invited for the RadioAstron Key
Science Program and General Observing Time experiments to be submitted
by 27 January 2014, 23:59 UT, to the Mission, and to ground radio
telescopes required for the specific observations by their respective
proposal deadlines. AO-2 observations will be performed between July
2014 and June 2015 inclusive. It is anticipated that about 2/3 of the
total time will be devoted to KSP programs (new or continued) and about
1/3 to GOT observations.

Proposals are to be submitted by e-mail as single pdf files to the
address: ra_submit at asc.rssi.ru
Details can be found at http://www.asc.rssi.ru/radioastron/ao-2/ao2.html

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