[ASA] Things to consider when renewing ASA membership

John O'Byrne john.obyrne at sydney.edu.au
Fri Jan 10 11:48:19 AEDT 2014

Happy New Year to all ASA members.

Within the next couple of weeks you should receive the Annual Subscription Notice for your ASA membership.  Your prompt payment is appreciated - and will attract the usual discount if paid by the end of February!

One feature of this Notice each year is the opportunity to make a donation to the ASA's tax-deductible Foundation, the FAA.  A notice describing the FAA and the activities it supports is attached.  Please read it and consider if you can help the ASA sustain these activities.

In addition, ASA Members should be aware that the ASA offers several grades of membership (described on the Membership web page at http://asa.astronomy.org.au/membership.html).  Apart from our growing number of Student members, most other working astronomers will be either 'Members' (MASA) or 'Fellows' (FASA).  This distinction was introduced to recognise a Fellow's substantial and ongoing contributions to astronomy.  A Fellow is expected to have an established record in astronomical research, usually having perhaps 8 to 10 years of postdoctoral experience and having been a primary contributor to at least 10 well-regarded research papers in refereed astronomical journal.  

In practice, many members enter as Members and never think to make the change.  In the current ASA membership of around 640, there are 270 Members and about 100 Fellows (and 17 Honorary Fellows).  

When renewing your membership, Full Members should consider upgrading to Fellowship.  

If you would like to make this change, please go to the 'Edit Membership' page at http://www.physics.usyd.edu.au/~asamail/asa_membership/asa_members_user_edit.php and update your Grade of Membership.  To make it easier, you may wish to ignore the need to print the form and get two signatures.  I can arrange that.  However I DO need a brief CV emailed to me to justify your new status.



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