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Stuart Wyithe swyithe at unimelb.edu.au
Mon Jan 6 16:11:24 AEDT 2014

Dear colleagues,

In preparation for Decadal Plan activities during 2014, we have created the web site


This web site contains information on the 2016-25 Decadal Plan time-line, activities and working groups. A primary method of community consultation during the decadal planning process is via a series of town hall meetings. The web site lists the planned timetable of town hall meetings to be held during February-April. Currently the dates of these meetings and the institutions where they will be held have been finalised to enable members of the community to plan their attendance. Further details will be made available to working group members as well as on the web site shortly. Where possible, meetings will be streamed via the web to enable remote participation. The town hall meetings will also be added to the ASA calendar.

Members of the community who would like to contribute to town hall meetings, or who have not yet nominated for one or more of the working groups during the initial announcement periods and now wish to do so, are encouraged to contact the working group chairs.

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