[ASA] Reminder: Astronomy Supercomputer Time Allocation Committee Call for Proposals for Q1-Q2 2014 - closes in a week

Mita Brierley mita.brierley at astronomyaustralia.org.au
Mon Nov 25 16:06:22 AEDT 2013

Reminder: Call closes 9am AEDT Monday 2nd December 2013


Astronomy Supercomputer Time Allocation Committee: Call for Proposals - NCI
peak facility and Green II (gSTAR/swinSTAR)
** Call closes at 9am (AEDT) Monday 2nd December, 2013 **


Attached is a call for proposals for time on two Australian Supercomputer
Facilities for Q1-Q2 in 2014. The same information is available on the
Astronomy Australia Limited website at


We would like to draw your attention to the following key points:


1. ASTAC encourages potential applicants to contact us should you require
any technical or scientific advice.


2. The GPU facility gSTAR, part of the Swinburne University of Technology
Green II machine, offers users an opportunity for very high performance
computational power for appropriately written code.


3. The deadline for this current round of proposals is 9am (AEDT), Monday
2nd December, 2013 so that there is adequate time to prepare a good


4. ASTAC is particularly keen to encourage graduate students and early
career researchers to become involved in this rapidly developing field,
which offers the capacity to perform simulations of numerous astrophysical
situations at high resolution and in three dimensions. Advisers are
available to assist people in getting started in this area.


5. For this call, ASTAC is allowing applications to be led (Lead Chief
Investigator) by PhD students, with their thesis supervisor as a Chief
Investigator. PhD students who would like to lead their application please
contact Mita Brierley (mita.brierley at astronomyaustralia.org.au) by Monday
25th November, 2013. ASTAC would like to highlight the benefits of showing
leadership on successful time allocation applications to a student's CV.


6. Along with this call for proposals, ASTAC is circulating a Supercomputer
Resource document to outline and clarify for users the high-performance
computing facilities and access avenues available to Australian astronomers.


If you would like to directly receive ASTAC news and announcements, you can
sign up to our mailing list at:



Mark George Beckett (iVEC representative; ex-officio), Geoff Bicknell
(Australian National University), Ben Evans (NCI representative;
ex-officio),  Luke Hodkinson (Swinburne supercomputer user consultant),
Jarrod Hurley (Swinburne Supercomputer Manager; ex-officio), John Lattanzio
(Monash University), Geraint Lewis (Chair, University of Sydney), Katherine
Mack (University of Melbourne), Steve Ord (Curtin University), Jon Smillie
(NCI user consultant).

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