[ASA] Stromlo Distinguished Visitor program 2014

Matthew Colless matthew.colless at anu.edu.au
Mon Sep 23 13:58:15 AEST 2013


I'm happy to announce the launch of the Stromlo Distinguished Visitor program.

The aim of the program is to bring distinguished scientists (including instrument scientists/engineers) to the ANU's Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics for periods of 1-6 months in order to support extended interactions and research collaborations. This program complements the normal support for short-term visitors.

The guidelines for the program for 2014 (effectively the announcement of opportunity) can be found at
http://rsaa.anu.edu.au/stromlo-distinguished-visitor-program-2014 (and are also attached as a PDF).

Please draw this announcement to the attention of distinguished colleagues and collaborators. The timescale for proposals to the first round of the program, covering January to June 2014, is short (applications close on 14 October). So it is a good opportunity for those who can move quickly!

The program has a $30k budget to cover the two rounds of the program in 2014. In order to get the best value-for-money, it will be important for applicants to leverage the Distinguished Visitor program funding with additional funding from other sources.

Regards, Matthew Colless.

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