[ASA] A new book - Making Waves, the Story of Ruby Payne-Scott, Australian Pioneer Radio Astronomer.

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A new popular level book 'Making Waves - The Story of Ruby Payne-Scott: Australian Pioneer Radio Astronomer', has been published by ASA member Miller Goss.  Payne-Scott is regarded as the first female radio astronomer (and one of the first people in the world to consider radio astronomy) and made classic contributions to solar radio physics.  She also played a major role in the design of the Australian government's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research radars, which were in turn of vital importance in the Southwest Pacific Theatre in World War II.  From a sociological perspective, her career offers many examples of the perils of being a female academic in the first half of the 20th century. 

This book is an abbreviated, partly re-written version of 'Under the Radar - The First Woman in Radio Astronomy: Ruby Payne-Scott', also by Miller.  In contrast to the original, the new book has a reasonable price of about US $37!

There is a Springer web site about the book (www.springer.com/astronomy/book/978-3-642-35751-0) and a digital copy can be found at link.springer.com and bought on-line (or some libraries may provide access).

Copies of the book will be awarded to the seven winners of prizes from the ASA meeting in July: 
Bok Prize - Ben Pope
Heisler Prize - Dr Emily Wisniosky
Webster Prize - Dr Andrew Green
ASA Best student talk - Ms Vanessa Moss
ASA Best student poster - Ms Louise Howes
Ellery Lectureship - Prof. Rachel Webster
Harley Wood Lecturer - Assoc. Prof. Charley Lineweaver

Congratulations once again to all our prize winners!  These copies are being shipped now.  



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