[ASA] Feedback for Gemini User's Committee

sb at aao.gov.au sb at aao.gov.au
Fri Aug 9 15:19:49 AEST 2013

Dear Colleagues,

The Gemini User's Committee (UCG) will be meeting August 25-27 to
discuss numerous matters pertaining to our charge - specifically "To
provide feedback to the Gemini Observatory on all areas of its
operations that affect current users of the facility, based on the
experience of the committee members as well as input collected from
the larger community of Gemini users."

The Gemini Observatory is in a period of transition with the departure
of the UK from the organization, and a new director now settled
in. Changes are happening, some of which you may have already seen
(such as queue observing 'eavesdropping') and we would be delighted to
hear your thoughts on any or all issues relevant to our charge. Please
feel free to send me email at any time; I particularly encourage you
to be in touch before August 23rd so that your issues can be raised at the
Users' Committee meeting.

Of particular note may be recent recommendations of the Gemini Board
and the Gemini Science and Technology Advisory Committee (STAC); these
short documents can be accessed directly at:




I look forward to hearing from you,

Sarah Brough

P.S.: If you have concerns regarding Gemini's long range strategic plan,
you are encouraged to reach out to your Gemini Science and Technology
Advisory Committee (STAC) representative, Prof. Karl Glazebrook
(kglazebrook at swin.edu.au).

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