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Kate Brooks Kate.Brooks at csiro.au
Mon Jun 3 10:10:44 AEST 2013

Dear ASA members,
The ASA is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013 ASA Awards. The prize winners will be presenting their research at the upcoming ASA meeting at Monash University.
Bok Prize for outstanding research in astronomy by an Honours or eligible Masters student
Awarded to Ben Pope for his thesis “Dancing in the Dark: Kernel Phase Interferometry of Ultracool Dwarfs”. Ben completed his honours research at the University of Sydney, supervised by Peter Tuthill and Frantz Martinache.
In addition, Andrew Lehmann receives an honourable mention for his thesis “Shock Waves in Turbulent Molecular Clouds” completed at Macquarie University and supervised by Mark Wardle.
Charlene Heisler Prize for the most outstanding PhD thesis in astronomy
Awarded to Emily Wisniosky for her thesis "The Kinematic Properties of Clumpy Star-Forming Galaxies", completed at Swinburne University and supervised by Karl Glazebrook.
The field was particularly strong this year, and two Honourable Mentions are also awarded:
Daniel Huber for  his thesis “Asteroseismology and Interferometry of Cool Stars” completed at University of Sydney and supervised by Tim Bedding
Keith Bannister for his thesis “Astrophysical Radio Transients: Surveys and Techniques” completed at University of Sydney and supervised by Bryan Gaensler, Tara Murphy and Tim Cornwell.
Louise Webster Prize for outstanding research by a scientist early in their post-doctoral career
Awarded to Andy Green (Swinburne University) for his paper "High star formation rates as the origin of turbulence in early and modern disk galaxies".
In addition, Alan Duffy (U. Melbourne) receives a commendation for his paper on the "Impact of baryon physics on dark matter structures: a detailed simulation study of halo density profiles".

Congratulations to all our prize winners and nominees. The entries received for the prizes were, once again, of a very high standard and a credit to their institutions. Many thanks to all our 2013 judges for devoting a considerable amount of their time to reading all of the entries and a special thanks to our ASA Prizes and Awards Coordinator Tanya Hill for making this process run smoothly every year. 

Looking forward to seeing you next month at Monash.

Kate Brooks
ASA, President

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