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Mita Brierley mita.brierley at astronomyaustralia.org.au
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Mid-year call for time on NCI supercomputing facilities


ASTAC would like to bring to your attention NCI's mid-year call for
applications for new projects using their facilities, including their new
peak system coming on line in Q3 2013.

See the email below for further details.

The NCMAS call is open to all disciplines.


A reminder that ASTAC has also put out a separate mid-year call for
applications for astronomy-dedicated time on the NCI peak facility and on
Swinburne's swinSTAR/gSTAR supercomputer. Details of the ASTAC call can be
found on the AAL website:


Astronomers wishing to apply for time on the NCI facilities are welcome to
apply through either scheme.

For further clarity on the availability of, and various access avenues to,
HPC facilities for Australian astronomy researchers, please see the attached
document prepared by ASTAC.

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NCMAS mid-year call


Mon, 20 May 2013 17:26:23 +1000


Margaret Kahn  <mailto:Margaret.Kahn at anu.edu.au> <Margaret.Kahn at anu.edu.au>


 <mailto:all at nci.org.au> all at nci.org.au


If anyone knows of places to publicise this or people who may be interested
please pass it on. I have done Notices and News, vayu MOTD, ANU Notices,
emailed to partners and NCMAS committee members etc. 
As the new Fujitsu Primergy, named raijin, will be available for quarter 3
the National 
Computational Merit Allocation Scheme is currently calling for mid-year
for new projects requiring computational resources (processor time and
related data 
storage) on four facilities, 
 * the NCI National Facility ( <http://nf.nci.org.au> http://nf.nci.org.au)
 * the Specialised Facility in Bioinformatics ( <http://ncisf.qfab.org>
http://ncisf.qfab.org) and
 * the VLSCI Peak Computing Facility ( <http://www.vlsci.org.au>
 * the MASSIVE Facility ( <http://www.massive.org.au> www.massive.org.au)
Note that this is a call for applications for new projects. It is not
intended for 
requests for an increase in the current grants for q3 and q4.
Under the NCMAS, resources are allocated to researchers on merit through
a process which assesses applications on their research quality and
computational requirements and needs.  Access under the NCMAS is
provided for by Commonwealth (NCRIS) funding and presently researchers
provided with resources under this scheme are not charged by NCI for
the services provided.  For the second half of 2013, the value of these
is approximately $0.04 per core hour, an amount which can be stated as an
in-kind contribution to research granting bodies (e.g., ARC, NHMRC).
The closing date for applications is Monday, June 3 2013. 
The Call for Applications at 
 <http://ncmas.nci.org.au/applications> ncmas.nci.org.au/applications
provides additional background and information about the NC Merit Allocation
Please make this information available to researchers within your
Dr Margaret Kahn, 
Academic consultant, 
ANU Supercomputer Facility,
NCI National Facility,
Building 143,
Cnr Garran Rd and Ward Rd,
The Australian National University, 
Canberra ACT 0200 Australia
Telephone  : +61 2  6125 4541
Fax               : +61 2  6125 8199
E-mail          :  <mailto:Margaret.Kahn at anu.edu.au>
Margaret.Kahn at anu.edu.au
WWW           :  <http://nf.nci.org.au> http://nf.nci.org.au


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