[ASA] Radio frequency interference workshop (17th-18th June 2013)

Timothy.Shimwell at csiro.au Timothy.Shimwell at csiro.au
Fri May 3 16:05:29 AEST 2013

Dear all,

On June 17th and 18th, CSIRO will be hosting an international workshop on the mitigation of radio frequency interference for SKA pathfinders at Marsfield in Sydney (http://www.atnf.csiro.au/research/conferences/2013/rfi2013/index.html).

The primary focus of the meeting will be the impact of RFI on spectral line science. Talks will cover spectrum allocation, RFI monitoring, active mitigation and removal of RFI in software.

Confirmed invited speakers include Brian Jeffs (BYU), Tom Oosterloo (ASTRON), Andre Offringra (ANU), Ron Ekers (CSIRO), Oleg Smirnov (SKA SA), Mike Kesteven (CSIRO) and many more.

Registration is now open, so please register and submit and abstract if you would like to contribute a talk.


Tim Shimwell (on behalf of the organising committees)
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