[ASA] Workshop Announcement: Synthetic Universes for Future Surveys (21/22 March 2013)

Chris Power chris.power at uwa.edu.au
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Could you circulate this announcement for a March workshop on galaxy formation modelling and future galaxy surveys to the ASA mailing list?

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Workshop Announcement: Synthetic Universes for Future Surveys (21/22 March 2013)

We're organising a workshop on the topic of "Synthetic Universes for Future Surveys" to be held at the University Club of the University of Western Australia in Perth, Australia on 21/22 March 2013. This workshop, sponsored by the ARC Centre of Excellence for All-Sky Astrophysics (CAASTRO), will bring together simulators, modellers and observers from around the world to assess how fit-for-purpose the state-of-the-art in galaxy formation modelling is in the coming era of large galaxy surveys on next generation telescopes such as ALMA, the SKA and its pathfinders, the ELTs, etc...

If you'd like to attend this workshop, please register at our website


please note that (i) there will be a small fee of A$100 per person, (ii) attendance is limited to ~45 participants, and (ii) registration will close on 21 February 2013.

If you have any comments or queries, please contact A/Prof. Chris Power by e-mail (chris.power at icrar.org<mailto:chris.power at icrar.org>) or office phone (+61 8 6488 7630).

Hope to see you in Perth in March 2013!

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