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The Monash Centre for Astrophysics (MoCA) is seeking to
fill a 5 year fixed-term Faculty position in the field
of stellar astrophysics. MoCA contains researchers from
both the School of Mathematical Sciences and the School
of Physics. This position is housed within the School
of Mathematical Sciences, although it is expected that
all of the teaching will be within the undergraduate
astronomy program. The appointment will be at the Lecturer
or Senior Lecturer level, according to experience. The
salary will be within the range of $AU 96,184 - 135,862,
which includes a contribution to superannuation of 17%
of the base salary.

The applicant will work with the Stellar Interiors and
NucleoSynthesis (SINS) group within MoCA, whose staff
include John Lattanzio, Alexander Heger, Maria Lugaro,
Simon Campbell and many graduate students. Preference will
be give to stellar astrophysics, including (but not limited
to) stellar interiors, stellar evolution (including
supernovae), nucleosynthesis, multi-dimensional numerical
stellar hydrodynamics, and chemical and dynamical evolution
of stellar systems.

Teaching is likely to be at the level of one course per
semester, comprising 3 lectures per week of 50 minutes
duration each. There will likely be some support classes
and co-ordination also. Teaching could cover any area of
astrophysics, in line with experience, and could include
a first year astro-biology course.

Closing date is Mar 15

Further information: contact john.lattanzio at monash.edu
MoCA website:        http://moca.monash.edu/
School of Mathematical Sciences:

Monash Job Info and Applications:




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