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Stuart Wyithe swyithe at unimelb.edu.au
Tue Dec 18 12:02:40 AEDT 2012

Dear colleagues,

This email concerns two issues of relevance to IAU members.

1) At the IAU General Assembly in Bejing a new structure was adopted for IAU Divisions. Commissions have been assigned to Divisions, and members of those Commissions are already assigned to the corresponding Division. For astronomers with interests across divisions, it is now also possible to join additional Divisions directly, without needing to join one of the Commissions first. Divisions are designed to foster and co-ordinate the evolution of Commissions and to provide broader astronomical guidance through Division Steering Committees elected by Division members.

In preparation for election of the Divisional Steering Committees, IAU members have recently received an email requesting that members register within the new divisional structure. I would like to encourage IAU members who have not already registered to do so.

As there have been reported spam problems with this email, IAU members who did not receive this email should check their spam folders.

2) Australian members are traditionally active in undertaking formal roles within the IAU structure and The National Committee for Astronomy maintains a record of this activity. I have attached the list of officers that was current prior to the Bejing General Assembly. Can I please ask returning officers and new appointments to email me with details of their appointment.


Stuart Wyithe

(Chair, National Committee for Astronomy)

Professor Stuart Wyithe
Australian Laureate Fellow
School of Physics
University of Melbourne
Vic, Australia  3010

Phone:  +61 3 8344 5083
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