[ASA] AAT Service Observing - Call for Proposals

Andy Green agreen at astro.swin.edu.au
Wed Oct 17 18:09:21 AEDT 2012


The Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) operates a service observing
programme at the 4-metre Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) for proposals
requiring less than 6 hours of observing time. The next deadline is

         *** Thursday, 1 November 2012, at 23:59 ***

 (Australian Eastern Summer Time, i.e. UTC + 11 hrs)
Applications are welcomed from all astronomers, worldwide.

The following instruments are available for service observations:
AAOmega, IRIS2, UCLES/UHRF, SPIRAL (although only SPIRAL and AAOmega
are scheduled for service observing before the next deadline).

Service Programmes expire after 18 months. Current programmes submitted
before 1 May 2011 will be purged from the queue. If you have an
existing programme in this category, you are invited to resubmit this

(The number of service nights allocated per instrument is set each semester
by the Australian Time Assignment Committee (ATAC).)

Please see http://www.aao.gov.au/local/www/service/service.html for more
information about the AAT Service Programme and application forms.

Upcoming AAT Service Nights:
3 Dec 2012	0.5 (B)	2dF+AAOmega
19-20 Dec 2012	2x0.5 (G)	SPIRAL
4 Jan 2013	0.5 (B)	2dF+AAOmega
18 Jan 2013	0.5 (G)	2dF+AAOmega

Andy Green         (service @ aao.gov.au)
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