[ASA] First Announcement - Feeding, Feedback, and Fireworks: Celebrating Our Cosmic Landscape

Amanda Bauer amanda.bauer at aao.gov.au
Tue Oct 9 15:20:26 AEDT 2012

Feeding, Feedback, and Fireworks: Celebrating Our Cosmic Landscape
24-28th June 2013
Hamilton Island, Australia

We are pleased to announce the sixth meeting in the Southern Cross 
Astrophysics Conference series, to be held in beautiful Hamilton Island, 
Australia, June 24-28th, 2013.  The meeting, entitled "Feeding, 
Feedback, and Fireworks: Celebrating Our Cosmic Landscape," will focus 
on galaxy evolution and how various feedback and feeding processes 
transfer energy into and out of galaxies. We intend to bring together 
observations, from radio to X--rays, and the best available theoretical 
models, to create a more complete picture of how galaxies came to be as 
they are.

The Southern Cross Astrophysics Conferences are held annually around 
Australia with the aim of attracting international experts with wide 
ranging skills to discuss a particular astrophysical topic. It is 
jointly supported by the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) and 
CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science (CASS).

For more details, please see the workshop website:

For general information on the conference, please email: 
*fireworks13 at aao.gov.au***

Important dates:
December 4, 2012: Registration and Call for Abstract opens
March 30, 2013: Registration deadline
April 19, 2013: 3rd Announcement and Program Release
May, 2013: Registration closes.  Deadline payment registration fee
June, 2013: Final announcement
June 24-28th, 2013: Conference Dates

Kind Regards,
Amanda Bauer (SOC chair)

Dr Amanda E. Bauer, Super Science Fellow
Australian Astronomical Observatory
P.O. Box 915, North Ryde
NSW 1670, Australia
phone: +61 2 9372 4852
website <http://www.aao.gov.au/local/www/abauer/>
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