[ASA] Curtin University recruiting 50 new continuing academics

John O'Byrne john.obyrne at sydney.edu.au
Sat Sep 1 18:21:02 AEST 2012

Curtin University has just launched a campaign to recruit 50 new
continuing academics in high priority research areas, including
astrophysics.  The positions will be over a range of academic levels,
from Lecturer to Professor.

We encourage applicants in all areas of astrophysics and radio
astronomy engineering aligned with the activities of Curtin's
astronomy research group, the Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy
(CIRA): observational astronomy, theoretical astrophysics,
instrumentation and software development, and engineering.

As a cross-disciplinary institute (science/engineering) focused on
developments associated with the SKA Precursors (particularly the MWA)
and the SKA itself (in particular the low frequency SKA), we are
particularly interested in individuals spanning astrophysics and

Information on the first stage of this recruitment process (including
the registration of expressions of interest) can be found at:


Interested individuals can also directly contact the CIRA
co-Directors, Prof. Steven Tingay (s.tingay at curtin.edu.au) and Prof.
Peter Hall (p.hall at curtin.edu.au).

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Professor Steven Tingay

Premier's Fellow

Deputy Director

Deputy Director
Western Australian Radio Astronomy Centre of Excellence

Director, Science and Operations
Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy

Department of Imaging and Applied Physics
Curtin University of Technology
Bentley, Western Australia

Street address:
Brodie Hall building
1 Turner Ave
Technology Park
Bentley 6102
Western Australia

Email:  s.tingay at ivec.org OR s.tingay at curtin.edu.au

WWW: http://astronomy.curtin.edu.au

Phone: +61 (0)8 9266 3516

Mobile: +61 (0)425 771 856

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