[ASA] GeMS/GSAOI call for SV proposals

Australian Gemini Office ausgo at aao.gov.au
Wed Aug 29 10:56:16 AEST 2012

Gemini is pleased to announce the call for System Verification proposals
for the Gemini Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics System with the RSAA-built
Gemini South Adaptive Optics Imager (GeMS/GSAOI). The proposal deadline is
*Friday, September 14, 2012*.

System Verification provides an end-to-end test of a new instrument or
capability, from the proposal process to the delivery of the data, in advance
of offering the new capability to the community for general use. Therefore, it
is a "shared risk" observing mode, and incurs responsibility on the proposers
to provide feedback to the observatory in a timely fashion. The proprietary
period for SV data is two months.

Approximately 60 hours of SV time is available in the 2012B semester. We expect
to observe SV programs between December 1, 2012 and January 31, 2013. Note that
GeMS/GSAOI will also be offered to the community for early science in the
Feb-Apr 2013 period as part of the regular 2013A Call for Proposals to be issued

For more information about SV, please see:

The complete call for proposals is available at:

Also, engineering data from prior commissioning of GeMS/GSAOI are available at
The observations were designed to assess and optimize GeMS performance, although
they may have some scientific utility or help potential users understand the characteristics of GeMS/GSAOI data. Please see the linked web page for more details.

Stuart Ryder
Australian Gemini Office
ausgo at aao.gov.au

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