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Curtin University Research Fellowship opportunities

The Curtin University Research Fellowship scheme aims to attract high
quality post doctoral researchers with excellent potential for
providing future academic and research leadership at the University.
Applications are encouraged in the field of astronomy and astrophysics
research, to take up positions in the Curtin Institute of Radio
Astronomy (CIRA).  CIRA is a research group comprised of over 50 staff
and PhD students, focused primarily on radio astronomy and spanning
observational astronomy, radio astronomy engineering, applications of
high performance computing in radio astronomy, and astrophysics
theory.  CIRA comprises one half of the International Centre for Radio
Astronomy Research (ICRAR) Joint Venture with The University of
Western Australia and is a node of the ARC Centre of Excellence for
All-sky Astrophysics (CAASTRO).  A clear focus for CIRA research
programs is the path to the SKA, including scientific exploitation of
SKA pathfinders and precursors, such as the CIRA-led Murchison
Widefield Array, and participation in SKA pre-construction activities
over the next four years.  CIRA researchers collaborate widely and are
well resourced for participation in national and international

The call for applications in 2012, for commencement in 2013, refers to
a targeted research-only fellowship with two streams:

1. Early Career Researcher Fellowship: Suitably qualified applicants
who received their PhD within the last five years;

2. Senior Research Fellowship: Suitably qualified applicants with more
than five years post-doctoral experience.

Applications Open: Friday 6th July 2012
Applications Close: Monday 3rd September 2012 at 5:00pm GMT+8:00

Potential applicants should contact CIRA co-Director Prof. Steven
Tingay (s.tingay at curtin.edu.au) for more information and guidance on
the application process.  The following URL provides links to the
application forms, call for applications, and scheme guidelines:


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Professor Steven Tingay

Premier's Fellow

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Deputy Director
Western Australian Radio Astronomy Centre of Excellence

Director, Science and Operations
Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy

Department of Imaging and Applied Physics
Curtin University of Technology
Bentley, Western Australia

Street address:
Brodie Hall building
1 Turner Ave
Technology Park
Bentley 6102
Western Australia

Email:  s.tingay at ivec.org OR s.tingay at curtin.edu.au

WWW: http://astronomy.curtin.edu.au

Phone: +61 (0)8 9266 3516

Mobile: +61 (0)425 771 856

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