[ASA] Research Fellowships at the University of Adelaide

Gavin Rowell growell at physics.adelaide.edu.au
Tue May 31 12:55:22 AEST 2016

The University of Adelaide is offering a number of Research Fellowships
aimed at early-career and mid-career researchers:


Adelaide has a number vibrant astrophysical research groups in the
following areas:

cosmic-rays; Piere Auger Observatory
(contact: Bruce Dawson bruce.dawson at adelaide.edu.au)

gamma-rays, non-thermal processes, ISM studies & radio linkages; HESS, CTA, 
Mopra, Nanten2
(contact: Gavin Rowell growell at physics.adelaide.edu.au)

neutrinos; neutrino production; IceCube
(contact: Gary Hill gary.hill at adelaide.edu.au)

gravitational waves, aLIGO
(contacts: Peter Veitch peter.veitch at adelaide.edu.au;
   David Ottaway: david.ottaway at adelaide.edu.au)

astro-particle physics theory, dark matter searches with CTA
(contact: Martin White martin.white at adelaide.edu.au)

Prospective applicants must have their application endorsed by the
Head of School (in this case the School of Physical Sciences). Initial
contact should therefore be made with one of the above-listed people
according to interests.

Please note the instructions for applicants at the website above and 
application deadline of 27 June.

with best regards,


Gavin Rowell                                              ph +61883138374
High Energy Astrophysics Group                           fax +61883134380
School of Physical Sciences               growell at physics.adelaide.edu.au
University of Adelaide 5005, AUSTRALIA
web: http://www.physics.adelaide.edu.au/astrophysics/gpr/

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