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19-23 September 2016
Wrest Point Hotel, Hobart, Tasmania
2016 CAASTRO Annual Scientific Conference


-          A conference bringing together new data and theory to gain a clearer view of the physical processes that drive change in galaxies.

-          WWW site: http://www.caastro.org/event/2016-galaxy

-          Early Bird registrations and abstract submissions OPEN<http://www.physics.usyd.edu.au/sifa/caastro/register/index.php?action=register&workshopId=96>.  To register and submit your abstract please go to www.ccastro.org/event/2016-galaxy<http://www.ccastro.org/event/2016-galaxy>

-          Email galtrans at caastro.org<mailto:galtrans_loc at caastro.org>  with any questions

Registration and abstract submission is now open<http://www.physics.usyd.edu.au/sifa/caastro/register/index.php?action=register&workshopId=96> for The Changing Face of Galaxies: Uncovering Transformational Physics conference (http://www.caastro.org/event/2016-galaxy).

The conference will be held from 19-23 September 2016 at the Wrest Point Hotel, Hobart, Australia.  The hosts will be ARC Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics (CAASTRO) and the conference is supported by the University of Sydney, the Australian National University, and the University of Western Australia.  Registration and Welcome drinks will be held on Sunday 18 September 2016.

Fundamental to our understanding of galaxy formation is the question of how the galaxies seen at high redshift were transformed into the galaxy population we see around us today.  There have been profound changes to the galaxy population in terms of both structure and activity.  Structurally, galaxies are known to grow in size and change in morphological mix over time and this morphological mix is also well known to be strongly dependent on environment, with a much higher fraction of elliptical and lenticular galaxies in high density regions.  Concerning activity, the global rate of star formation is seen to peak at redshift, z~1-2, declining to the present day, and it is again strongly dependent on environment.  Activity due to the accretion of gas onto super-massive black holes similarly declines to the present day.

Central to tackling these problems is our ability to observe and simulate galaxies in new ways.  Observationally, new projects using spatially resolved spectroscopy are able to shed light on a broad range of physical processes.  At the same time observations at radio frequencies are opening up a new window on the gas content in galaxies, and large-scale multi-wavelength surveys are providing coverage of galaxies over their entire spectral energy distribution.  Together with this, the last few years has seen a number of breakthroughs in galaxy simulation, including large-scale cosmological hydrodynamical simulations, new views on feedback and the construction of realistic disk galaxies.  Our focus in the conference will be to bring together these different themes to discover which processes drive the transformations we see in the galaxy population.


·         Joss Bland-Hawthorn, USYD

·         Alyson Brooks, Rutgers

·         Martin Bureau, Oxford

·         Michele Cappellari, Oxford

·         Marcella Carollo ETH, Zurich

·         Charlotte Christensen, Arizona

·         Luca Cortese, UWA

·         Rob Crain, LJMU

·         Sara Ellison, UVic

·         Jesús Falcón-Barroso, IAC

·         Natascha Förster Schreiber, MPE

·         Philip Hopkins, Caltech (TBC)

·         Lisa Kewley, ANU

·         Claudia Lagos, ICRAR

·         Roberto Maiolino, Cambridge

·         Crystal Martin, UCSB (TBC)

·         Thorsten Naab, MPA

·         Amelie Saintonge, UCL

·         Rachel Somerville, Rutgers (TBC)

·         Paul Torrey, MIT

·         Pieter van Dokkum, Yale

·         Jessica Werk, UCO


To register and submit your abstract please click here <http://www.physics.usyd.edu.au/sifa/caastro/register/index.php?action=register&workshopId=96> or visit our website www.caastro.org/event/2016-galaxy<http://www.caastro.org/event/2016-galaxy>.  Scientific contributions to the Changing Face of Galaxy conference can be in oral or poster form.  Please note that the deadline to submit abstracts for oral presentations is 30 April 2016.  Poster presentations will be accepted until 14 August 2016 dependent on floor space.

Please note: Payment of the registration fee is not required at the time of registration and abstract submission.  However to receive the early bird fee payment must be received by COB on 30 June 2016, otherwise the full registration fee will be charged.  You will need to register for your abstract to be considered.  A payment code will be issued that you can use to pay your fee later.  If you have any questions please contact galtrans at caastro.org<mailto:galtrans_loc at caastro.org>

Cancellation Policy
If you need to cancel your registration, please contact galtrans at caastro.org<mailto:galtrans at caastro.org>.  There will be a $100 processing fee for all cancellations prior to 14 August 2016. Thereafter, no refunds will be offered.

Early Bird Registration Fee:    $AUS 400.00
Registration Fee:                     $AUS 500.00
Student Registration Fee:       $AUS 250.00


·         Registration/abstract (2nd announcement) open: February 2016

·         Oral Presentation Abstracts Close: 30 April 2016

·         Poster Abstracts Close: 14 August 2016

·         Program Available: 15 June 2016

·         Early Bird Closes: 30 June 2016

·         Registrations Close: 14 August 2016


We have booked a block of rooms for workshop participants at the Wrest Point Hotel which is also the conference venue. We encourage you to take advantage of the special rate we have secured for conference participants. We have the following rooms:

  *   Motor Inn<http://www.wrestpoint.com.au/accommodation/rooms_81-en.html> $109 room only
  *   Water Edge<http://www.wrestpoint.com.au/accommodation/rooms_71-en.html> $129 room only
  *   Tower Standard<http://www.wrestpoint.com.au/accommodation/rooms_61-en.html> $159 room only
  *   Suite <http://www.wrestpoint.com.au/accommodation/rooms_21-en.html> $269 room only

A special Full Buffet Breakfast rate of $23/person is available when booking accommodation and is an additional cost to the list room rates

To make an accommodation reservation:
Accommodation bookings are now open.  To book please download the booking form, complete it and return to Wrest Point<mailto:groups at wrestpoint.com.au> (groups at wrestpoint.com.au<mailto:groups at wrestpoint.com.au>) and quote "CAASTRO Block No #769433.  Please note that all bookings must be guaranteed by credit card at time of booking and full payment will be required at final checkout.

Note that all rooms at the Wrest Point are non-smoking.

Your registration fee includes the following meals: morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea daily.   If you have any dietary requirements, please ensure you make a note of these when you register for the conference, under the Dietary Information field.

The Registration fee will also covers a Welcome Function on 18 September 2016 and the conference dinner being held on Thursday 22 September 2016.

All travellers other than Australian and New Zealand citizens need a valid visa or authority to enter Australia (including electronic visas).  More information here<http://www.immi.gov.au/visitors/> or Department of Immigration Fact Sheet for Travellers<http://www.caastro.org/files/36/1295927063/business-visitors-factsheet-june-2013.pdf>. Please contact the organisers if you need a letter of invitation for your visa application.  For some nationalities, processing and issuance of visas can take several weeks/months, so apply well before your planned travel.


  *   Scott Croom (Chair), USYD
  *   Joss Bland-Hawthorn, USYD
  *   Kevin Bundy, IPMU
  *   Sara Ellison, UViv
  *   Natascha Förster Schreiber, MPE
  *   Rosa González Delgado, IAA
  *   Martha Haynes, Cornell
  *   Phil Hopkins, Caltech
  *   Lisa Kewley, ANU
  *   Thorsten Naab, MPA
  *   Chris Power, UWA
  *   Amelie Saintonge, UCL
  *   Stas Shabala, UTas
  *   Rachel Somerville, Rutgers


  *   Scott Croom, Chair  (USYD)
  *   Francesco D’Eugenio  (ANU)

  *   Karl Glazebrook (Swinburne)

  *   Kate Gunn  (USYD)
  *   Anne Medling  (ANU)
  *   Nic Scott  (USYD)
  *   Stas Shabala  (UTas)
  *   Jesse van de Sande  (USYD)
  *   Dan Taranu  (UWA)
  *   Kylie Williams  (USYD)


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