[Progcomp] INFO5011 - Introduction to Programming Competitions

Vincent Gramoli vincent.gramoli at sydney.edu.au
Fri Mar 1 11:42:59 EST 2013

Dear all,
If you have not already done so, you may consider enrolling in INFO5011, a novel IT Advanced Topic about programming competitions for good 3rd/4th year students enrolled in a four year program.
Why programming? http://www.code.org/

Last year, the University of Sydney's Brogrammers team (enrolled in it) won the ACM ICPC regionals (ranked 1st among about 90 teams in Australia/New Zealand) and is invited to attend the World Finals in St. Petersburg. http://sydney.edu.au/news/84.html?newsstoryid=10184
You can be the next winning team.

More info about the targeted competition? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ACM_International_Collegiate_Programming_Contest

INFO5011 starts in week 2. The introduction will take place in School of IT lecture theatre (Room 123) Friday 15 March from 2PM to 4PM.
The goal is to progress by competing regularly and to create a problem set for others at the end of the semester.

Hope to see you there,

Vincent Gramoli
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